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    Selling Policies

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    When buying a tour or service on our website or Social Networks, you must communicate via telephone or WhatsApp 48 hours before the desired date to the reservation phones + 57 (3183935353) or +57 (3182313244) In order to reconfirm the date and time established for the purchased service. Without this action it is impossible to guarantee room and comply with the offered tour.

    “In the High Season of Tourism, the time and date of the tour must be reconfirmed 72 hours before arrival on the Island.”

    Restrictions or Conditions:

    The Tours or Services offered by Tour Station SAS correspond to different providers, so it is important and necessary before purchasing a Tour that the restrictions be fully validated in order to comply with the Service Offered.

    “All Tours contemplate restrictions differently. (Validate)”

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    Cancellation Policies

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    Cancellations due to Weather Conditions:

    There is the possibility of not complying with the established reservation due to weather conditions such as, High Tide, Strong Winds, Absence of Winds, Storms or Low Tide Phenomena among others, which prevent the departure of the tours of according to the daily report issued by the Port Authority (DIMAR) and which are beyond our control. When these cases arise, Tour Station SAS will offer the corresponding date and time reprogramming if your stay on the Island allows it, otherwise the purchase will be refunded with the same payment method that I use when confirming your tour.

    DIMAR report:

    Green Report:

    Normal navigation, all smaller vessels can navigate, making proper use and strictly complying with the relevant security measures.

    Yellow Report:

    Navigation with restriction It is restricted for the elderly, children under 12 years, pregnant women, people with some type of disability who do not allow them to use their means. In addition, boats must sail with 80% of their maximum passenger capacity.

    Red Report:

    closed navigation. Smaller boats cannot navigate. There is no exception.

    Cancellations by the Tourist:

    In the cases of cancellation or no-show to use the services on the contracted dates (No show) or date and time changes

    1. Any cancellation or rescheduling of the reservation must be requested by any of the following means Cellular or WhatsApp + 57 3183935353 or Email info@tourstation.com.co without penalty, with a minimum anticipation of 72 Hours before the date stipulated.
    2. If the cancellation or reprogramming is done after 72 hours and up to 48 hours before taking the tour, the client must pay a penalty of 30% of the amount paid without exception.
    3. If the cancellation or reprogramming is made 24 Hours before taking the Tour, the Client must pay a penalty of 50% of the amount paid without exception
    4. The cancellation or reprogramming cannot be carried out during the same day of taking the Tour because the quotas are already previously confirmed by the operators and therefore it will be taken as non-compliance or NO SHOW by the client which constitutes the 100% penalty on the value paid.
    5. The Non-presentation by the Client on the date and time stipulated to take the Tour will be understood as NO SHOW and the obligation and services on the part of Tour Station will be considered fulfilled.
    6. In the event of Calamity or Medical Urgency duly demonstrated with a Medical Certification issued by the Clarence Lynd Newball Memorial Hospital in San Andrés Islas, it will be possible to evaluate the reprogramming or partial refund of the payment granted by the service or Contracted Tour.
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    Refund Policies

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    In the cases in which money refund or virtual transaction reversals apply (Web, Bank Transfers or Electronics) previously authorized by the Accounting Department, the following will apply

    1. Returns or Refunds will be applied within 5 business days after notification and request by the Customer to Email info@tourstation.com.co.
    2. Returns or Refunds will be made with the same Payment method that the Client used when making the Purchase.
    3. In case of Reversals or Cancellations by PSE or Dataphones, Tour Station carries out the established procedure but the effectiveness or delay in receiving the money depends 100% on the Issuing Bank of the Franchise, these times should be consulted with your Bank.
    4. Tour Station will notify you and send support for the Return or Cancellation of the transaction to the Email informed by you at the time of purchase.
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    National Registry of Tourism

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