Kayak´s seven colors


    Walk through the Beautiful Sea of ​​San Andres onboard a transparent Kayak that will be handled directly by you !!
    The Tour includes a Tourist Guide, a swim stop to meet marine species and sterilized Snorkeling equipment for your comfort ..!

    • Tour Duration: Approximately 2 Hours
    • You must arrive at the place of departure which is located approximately 15 minutes from the center of the Island.
    • In the Kayak 'can go up to 2 adults.
    • The price of the Tour is per person.
    • Children under 6 years do not pay for the Tour but must go with their parents in the same Kayak.
    • Sunglasses
    • Photo / Cell Camera
    • Hydrating drink
    • Do not carry valuable items or jewelry
    • Comfortable clothes
    • Change Clothes
    • Snorkel or Mask
    • Guide or Instructor
    • Bilingual guide
    • Water shoes
    • Refreshment

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